Senior and Community Services Commission


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Agendas & Minutes

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Resolutions and Ordinances

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Member Council
Vacant Lomeli Dec. 2024 N/A
Vacant J. Gonzalez Dec. 2024 N/A
Vacant Alcantar Dec. 2026 N/A
Vacant Fuentes Dec. 2026 N/A
Vacant C. Gonzalez Dec. 2026 N/A

General Functions

The City of Cudahy Senior and Community Services Commission is established for the purpose of providing policy recommendations to the City Council on matters affecting all individuals throughout the City of Cudahy. The Commission will research and provide policy recommendations to the City Council regarding:  

  • Human services including addressing homelessness, homelessness prevention and mental health services 
  • The availability of grants addressing homelessness and mental health services • Community Development for all residents
  • All matters pertaining to the elder residents and their needs, including but not limited to, health and nutrition, education, employment, housing, and transportation
  • Information on the problems and their solutions pertaining to elder residents through all means available, including investigation of the availability of grants for senior citizen needs