Street Maintenance

Street Maintenance provides for the maintenance and repair of:

  • Road shoulders
  • Sidewalks
  • Streets
  • Street lights and signal lights
  • Street sweeping
  • Tree Trimming

Street Maintenance is responsible for:

  • Graffiti removal
  • Street sweeping and striping
  • Striping, curbs, traffic legend painting and sign installation and repairs
  • Clean bus shelters and empty trashcans
  • Addressing citizen complaints
  • Weed abatement and minor tree trimming

This division performs special projects such as weed abatement and sewer repair.

Vehicle Maintenance

Vehicle Maintenance provides support to all City departments through preventive maintenance and repair of vehicles and equipment used citywide. Vehicle Maintenance maintains accurate repair records and a repair inventory for all City vehicles and equipment. 

This division is responsible for City compliance with all State and County laws for vehicles and fuel. Specifications are prepared for all new vehicles and equipment and emergency road services, maintenance of City emergency equipment, and welding services are also performed.

Park Maintenance

Park Maintenance maintains all City parks and City-owned landscaping through staff personnel and contract services. This division supports other departments through:

  • Installing and repairs irrigation systems
  • Performing graffiti removal in parks
  • Performing chemical spraying
  • Playground equipment installation and weekly checklist
  • Responding to citizen complaints

Waste Management

The Waste Management Department designs, implements and coordinates specific comprehensive programs dealing with solid waste management, and related issues. This involves coordination among public and private sectors, and monitoring and evaluation of programs in operation