Boards & Commissions

The City of Cudahy has five Commissions to advise the City Council on a wide variety of subjects. Commission members are appointed by City Council, and serve two-year terms. City Commissioners typically serve on only one commission at a time, and are eligible to run or serve as a Council Member.

Local Appointments List - Updated October 12, 2015

In compliance with Government Code Section 54972 (Maddy Act), the following commissions, boards, and appointments list shall be posted on an annual basis by December 31.

Note: In accordance with the Cudahy Municipal Code, Chapter 2.32.010 (1) to be qualified as a City Commissioner one must reside within the city; or employed within the city. Additionally, membership on the Cudahy senior citizens club will qualify a person for membership on the aging and senior citizens commission. (2) Terms. (a) Except as otherwise provided in this subsection (2), all City commissioners shall have two year terms of office, which shall commence on May 1st. (d) A commissioner whose term has expired shall continue to hold office until a successor is appointed.